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It is not just a case of chasing the big numbers then boasting your products are superior to all the others out there as some do. We've had some pretty big power cars through our doors which are nothing short of abysmal to drive on the public roads due to poor power delivery, mismatched components and massive reliability issues. These cars easily turn into money pits for frustrated owners soon getting tired of spending, then what started as an exicting project ends up being sadly abandoned.

As mentioned earlier some of these cars can and do make 'the big power' when tested. Although I'm sure we are all familiar with the saying "it's what is under the curve that matters" which could not be a more true ingredient for a super fast road / track day car.

We ourselves like to believe we have built and maintained some pretty awesome affordable tuning packages in the past which have made good dyno numbers, performed well both on the road and track including 1/4 mile sprints and V-Max events.

Just so you know you are in safe hands we have carefully selected the tuning companies 'we' want to work with. These are not just any tuning companies like the thousands out there, these are all market leaders in their own right offering proven reliable gains for top of the line, expensive vehicles. We, as a company, are proud to be working together with intelligent and creative organisations like this.


Software Tuning



Statller are a leading independant specialist dealer in Porsche and VAG group vehicles.


  • 298 Attercliffe Road,
       Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S4 7WZ
  • Phone: 0114 327 9044
  • Email: enquiries@statller.com




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